Brand Identity Systems

Brand identity systems are all types and ways in which brands can reach out to customers such as: Company Logo, slogan, music, companies, packaging, labels; the sea, the ad banners; samples of ads on the Media; the articles and publications to support advertisements (flyers, posters, catalogs, banners, t-shirt, caps, etc.); the means of transport; the company signs; the Publications Office; the distribution system, the chain of stores and the form of PR, other events.
Brand identity system is formed from a combination of creative Visual elements and language. In the creative process, pictures and words have to functional aesthetic beauty is hidden in it. In the last few decades when that media marketing becomes an essential part for the success in the market competition, both business and consultant recognize that should not think of the aesthetic elements of the media brand according to subjective feelings as when we go to the Museum, read a poem or when buying a new suit. Instead, we have to learn how to evaluate the aesthetic characteristics of the design and the content written in the direction of how they serve well for the target marketing. And if the aim of marketing is to narrow down the specific communication objectives, we can rely on it to make a reasonable assessment of factors such as brand name, logo, positioning, branding, presentation or any other component of brand communication materials, whether they follow or deflected the target media has come up or not.
The objective of the brand identity is not just creating awareness, differentiation, expressing particular personality business that also aims to influence the perceptions, creating the sense of the scale of the enterprise is large, the professionalism of the business are higher for clients and the public.

To process of building effective brand identity, the goals must be clearly announced and approved before the start of any creative work. Accordingly, the majority of the corporate communications marketing started a document often referred to as "a description of the criteria," Although one might call
this document by many other names. Process for deploying a description of criteria may be different, but for promotional activities, sales literature, sales events or other forms of communication materials with tactics, the main requirements of the specification are all derived from the company's marketing plans.
However, while building brand recognition system, only the marketing plan is the need to prepare.A description of the criteria can be extended over multiple and often include results from the stage as research, strategic differentiation, brand relations structure, and character brands. All these phases were completed before the creative work started.

Because the system identity strategies and long term, should set such criteria as extremely important requirements for the creative process of brand identity system.The factors identified as the brand name, logo, colors, typefaces and template format once the brand is created, they will be used in a dozen years.

I.logo design and build professional logos management handbook
II.Media Marketing, media, advertising
A.. Advertising, printing:
  • - Product Brochure (for 8 pages)
  • - Clip file, documentation
  • - Poster quảng cáo sản phẩm
  • - Poster advertising the product
  • - Newspaper ad, magazine
  • - Notepads
  • - Envelope and greeting the new year
  • - CD and CD/DVD player cases
  • - Leaflets introducing specific services
  • - The votes contributed to customer's comments
B.  Applications on your computer and the Internet:
  • - Sample slides (using Passport in conferences,
    seminars, meetings with Projector or in the present)
  • - Standard email templates (used to
    inform, update information ...)
  • - Computer background
C.  Product packaging:
  • - Paper bag
  • - Nylon bags
  • - Gift wrapping paper
  • - Boxes for gifts
D. The Office Forms:
  • - Business cards (Name card)
  • - The message header (Letter head A4)
  • - Large envelopes
  • - Cover letter Center
  • - Clamp file
  • - Small envelopes
  • - Employee card
  • - Corporate cards
  • - Message from the Director
  • - Letter of thanks
  • - Bulletin Board
E.  The table name:
  • - Table headquarters
  • - The company signs, Office, branch
  • - Front desk signs
  • - Outdoor Billboard
  • - Table titles
  • - Streamers (celebrate the holidays, the big event ...)
  • - Smoking table
  • - Banner advertising
  • - Backdrop of events
F.  Brand usage:
  • - Staff uniforms (male, female)
  • - Tie
  • - Hats (caps)
  • - Leather Briefcase
  • - Rainwear
  • - Porcelain cups and coasters
  • - Key
  • - Wall clock
  • - My Destop computer, telephone, icon
G.  Vehicles:
  • - Cars (4, 7)
  • - Automobiles cargo EMPLOYEES
  • - Automobiles cargo loading
  • - Motorcycle road show
  • - Advertising on cars bus